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Regulations of fees and refunds of fees for courses

in the School of Polish Language of the University of Lodz



A. Fees

I. Tuition fees :

1. 9-month preparatory course to study in Poland , including Polish language

and subjects (only participants of the 9-month preparatory course receive a student ID)

- 3.000 EUR.

 In case of applicants of Polish origin the tuition fee is reduced by 30%.


2. 1-year Polish language course (600 hours)  2200 EUR.


3. 2- semester Polish language course (900 hours)  3200 EUR.


4. 5- month Polish language course (450 hours)  -1700 EUR.


5. 1- month summer Polish language course in August

(about 100 hours of Polish language + 20 hours of sightseeing)

- 480 EUR.

6. Polish language course for foreigners - employees of the University of Lodz (auditors)

- 200 EUR.


II. Above - mentioned fees do not include accommodation fee, food, textbooks.

III. Fees  for   these   courses   should   be  paid  one  month  before  the  beginning 

of the course , no later than the first day of the course  (in case of candidates

who do not need a student visa).
Delay in the fee for the course does not guarantee accommodation in the dormitory of the University of Lodz.




B. Refund of the tuition fee


  1. The fee for tuition will be refunded to the candidate, who has not received a student visa or to the candidate, who resigned from the course and has not submitted an application for a student visa in the Polish Embassy

(The School of Polish Language needs in written the confirmation of this fact

from the Polish Embassy or from the Polish Consulate by mail, fax or like

an official letter).

The candidate is required to send the original application for refund.

          Signature on the application has to be confirmed as an authentic by the Polish

          Embassy / Polish Consulate or a notary public.

      2. If the student resigned from learning during the course, he may receive

          a refund for:

            a. the first semester, second semester, 5-month course or summer course if:

            -     the candidate in written resigned  from the course  before the beginning

                  of  the  course or before the beginning of the semester,

            -     the  candidate  left  Poland  and  canceled   the  Polish  student  visa

                  or  the  residence  card, which  the  candidate   received   as  a  student

                  of  the  School  of  Polish  Language for Foreign Students (it will confirm

                  Polish Embassy or Polish Consulate).

             b. the second semester if the student will be removed from the list of students

                 before the end of the first semester, or if  the student will fail the semester

                 exams and decide not to retake  exams,  will  leave  Poland  and  cancel

                 the Polish student visa or a residence card, which the  student  received

                 as a student of Polish Language School for foreigners (it will confirm

                 Polish Embassy or Polish Consulate).


  1. According to Article 44, paragraph 1, point 4 of the Act: Law on Higher Education the   fee   for  the  entire  learning   period   will   be   refunded   to   the   student, who resigned from the course for health reasons. 

4.  The proof of medical reasons or personal reasons, which  prevented participation

     in the course should be documented by the Polish Embassy or Polish Consulate,

     if  the  student  was  abroad  or  by  the  Polish  institutions,  if  the  student  was

     in Poland.


II. Refund can be received only by the person, who has paid for the course

     or by  another person with notary authorization. Refund may be sent

     to  the  designated  bank  account.  In  the  application  for  refund  must

     be exact  information regarding the account name, account number,

     bank address.