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The LiMe – Languages in Media project tackles teaching and learning of languages and culture starting from a shared understanding that a fully integrated migrant is one who feels part of the community he/she lives. It helps migrants to develop language and cultural competences by providing them with tools to decode the language and culture portrayed in a multimedia environment. Therefore it is aimed at both learners and teachers/tutors/trainers by supporting skills development in dealing with the integration of migrants into society. 


Programme: LLP Key Activity 2 - Languages

Duration: 01.01.2013 – 30.04.2015

Coordinator: Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V., Germany


- University of Lodz, Poland

- University of Wolverhampton, UK

- Agenzia per lo Sviluppo Empolese Valdelsa ASEV, Italy

- Universidad de Extremadura, Spain

- Language Education and Partnership Ltd., UK

Website: (under construction)


Project aims:

-        To analyse and compare existing structure of provision of language teaching for migrant learners;

-        To identify socio-cultural elements that influence the language of the media;

-        To identify patterns of using media in language teaching in order to create “train the trainers’ package” – teacher guide how to use resource of media in teaching;

-        To identify good practices via developing a virtual learning platform which acts as a central point of reference for both learners and educators, which will contain an array of  exercises/tools from media (press, advertisement, radio, television, internet etc.), units of work and various best practice examples;

-        To test developed tools and training packages with respective target groups in order to achieve high quality final products;

-        To disseminate and mainstream the main results and products regarding language teaching among various target groups: learners, teachers, educational institutions, stakeholders, other organisations responsible for integration and language acquisition.


Project results:

-     Research and contextualisation report that will include findings on: (a) the current state of language teaching for migrants and national policies with focus on the social cultural aspects of the language which prevent to full integration of migrant with society; (b) the current implementation of models in partner countries; (c) already existing good practices on the use of the media in developing a knowledge and understanding of the language;

-     Virtual platform that will focus on the use of various media and their relevance to language learning (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV movies, internet, books, social media etc.). The resources at the level from A2 to B2 will be designed with use of flash, interactive white board etc. for the adult foreign/migrant learner. The platform will be divided for two main groups: (a) language teachers (interactive exercises, tips, example activities, successful models and other advice and guidance) and (b) learners (interactive exercises, tips for language learning, etc.);

-     Training package in all partner languages that will provide support for language teachers and trainers in teaching languages with use of media. The package will include sample schemes of work, resources and lessons plans.


To get more information, please contact:

Marcin Gońda


tel.: (+48) 42 635 47 52